Hi! I'm Ravi Kishore 

I help UG,PG & Fresh Graduates to become super special digital engineers & digital preneuers with adaptive skill engineering & manifest mindset model


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Build Super Special Digital Engineers

I'm on a mission to build Super Special Digital Engineers, Experts,Leaders and Coaches from UG,PG & Fresh Graduates with the help of manifest mindset model, active learning and hands-on developement practices and help them to engineer their skill and re-define their goal as a self-sustainable digital engineers with high proficiency

Skillful Souls Hub

This community helps to build adaptive skill engineering with a tangible manifestation mindset for self-empowerment with the help of powerful active learning methods and hands-on practices to build a unique identity as a super specialty engineer or professional or expert or coach or digitalpreneur.

Industry 5.0 Tech Stack

I have 15+ years of experience in engineering digital and data products and mentoring hundreds of students. My area of expertise includes full stack development using Modern C++, Java & Python under Windows & Linux. Expert of end-end development & architecting of IVRS,e-commerce, IoT & IIoT based solutions and products. 

Skillful Souls Hub

A highly vibrant private social network to cultivate an adaptive skill engineering mindset with tangible manifestation practice for individuals to manifest their deepest desires. Connect with like-minded souls and community for those seeking to live in alignment with their highest vision for themselves and the world by engineering their skills and solve problems using technology means.

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